hanif ebrahimi

hanif ebrahimi

Founder / CEO

Call: +971 54 553 2111
E-mail : hanif@a1properties.ae

About hanif ebrahimi

Hanif Ebrahimi, the torchbearer of A1 Properties, is the strongest pillar of the company. He is an inspiration to other team members and acts as a catalyst for success by creating an environment for progression. His calm and trustworthy nature is what charms people and draws an instant liking and loyalty from his team members and company clients. A leader with a difference, Hanif dedicates his extensive knowledge of current economic, social and business issues by implementing, upgrading and sharing with his team members. With great management, motivation and interpersonal skills, he put his time and effort in developing A1 Properties to the level it is today. His passion is driven by the hard work the company delivers, ultimately scaling up on the growth curve. As a CEO of the company, Hanif ensures that every member is aligned to the common goal of achieving the best for the company and its clients and live up to the name of the company. Motto in life: ”Whatever you are, be a good one.”