Dubai's Most Popular Villa Communities in 2023

Popular Villa Communities in 2023

When one decides on their investment, people need clarification about buying an apartment in a gated community or investing in an independent villa. There will be many factors that determine what choice you make. However, people in Dubai prefer a villa over an apartment. In this article, we will discover the most popular villa communities in Dubai in 2023.

  1. Palm Jumeirah

 People searching for well-maintained villa communities in Dubai can choose Palm Jumeirah. The manmade island has a collection of luxury villas with varied layouts. These include Arabic-style units and high-tech houses positioned by the sea.

Palm Jumeirah provides a great range of luxury properties with easy access to the beach. Palm Jumeirah has landmarks like The Pointe, The Royal Atlantis, Atlantis the Palm, and many other luxury resorts and restaurants.

The average cost to rent villas in Palm Jumeirah ranges from AED 251K for 3-bedroom to AED 550K for 6-bedroom homes.

When buying villas, villas for sale in Palm Jumeirah have a cost ranging from AED 28.8M for 3- bedrooms and AED 54.5M for 6-bedroom villas.

With an ROI of 3.80 percent, investors can call Palm Jumeirah among the best villa communities in Dubai 2023 for real estate.

  1. Damac Hills 2

Damac Hills 2 is ranked as Dubai's second most popular villa community. The project is developed by DAMAC properties that contain many residential clusters and a community center. It is located amongst green gardens; the community is best for those searching for residences away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Damac Hills 2 is a quiet and peaceful community that provides residents with affordable housing and a perfect lifestyle far from the hustle and bustle of the city.

The price of villas for rent in DAMAC Hills 2 depends on the different bed types:

The cost for a 3-bedroom villa is AED 79K

The cost for a 4-bedroom villa is AED 100K

The cost for a 5-bedroom villa is AED 131K

The cost for a 6-bedroom villa is AED 186K

When you buy villas, the following are prices:

3-bedroom costs AED 1.24M

4-bedroom costs AED 1.54 M

5-bedroom costs AED 2.08 M

6-bedroom costs AED 2.94M

The area offers an ROI of 6.18%.

  1. Arabian Ranches

Arabian Ranches is one of the best villa communities in Dubai for 2023. It is a gated community where locals and expats can invest. It is developed by Emaar Properties; it has a massive collection of 4,000 beautiful villas and townhouses. The villas have different styles and layouts.

The area is best for people looking for villas for rent in Dubai. The average price of villas in Arabian Ranches ranges from AED 251K for 3-bedroom to AED 550K for 6-bedroom houses.

If you want to own a property here, Investors can discover the villas for sale in Arabian Ranches.

The average price ranges from AED 3.53M for a 3-bedroom to AED 14.62M for a 6-bedroom.

ROI of 5.69% makes it a lucrative investment.

  1. Al Barari

Al Barari is one of the eco-friendly communities in Dubai's real estate market. It is a gated community having luxurious villas, some of which are high-end properties. Thus, Al Barari provides its residents a private, pleasant environment with access to world-class amenities.

Renting in Al Barari ranges from 452K for a 4-bedroom to 727K for a 7-bedroom.

Whereas Sale prices range from 10.48M for a 4-bedroom to 13.71M for a 7-bedroom.

ROI of 5.2% is excellent for home buyers.

  1. Jumeirah Village Circle

One of the famous villa communities in Dubai is Jumeirah Village Circle. The family-friendly community is famous for buying and renting properties in Dubai.

The area has a lot of villas. Proximity to places like Dubai Marina and JLT makes it easy for residents to travel to these places on weekends.

It has more than 30 parks, making JVC one of the greenest communities in Dubai. Affordability is also a significant factor that affects the popularity of this area.

Villa price for rent:

The average villa price for 3-bedroom is AED 141K

The average villa price for 4-bedroom is AED 174K

The average villa price for a 5-bedroom is AED 187K

Villa price for sale:

The average villa price ranges from 2.30 M for 3-bedroom villas to AED 2.89 M for 5-bedroom villas.

The ROI received is 6.13%.