Binghatti Tower- The future masterpiece of Dubai

Property Developer Binghatti has partnered with luxury jeweler Jacob & Co to present the world’s tallest residential tower in Dubai.

The launch event was held in the Coca-Cola arena on 16th November; it was also announced that the future owners of the apartments would be given exclusively curated timepieces from Jacob & Co

Located in the heart of Dubai.

It is to be positioned at the heart of Dubai’s most famous financial district, Business Bay. The tower is over 100 storeys that consist of spacious two-bedroom and three-bedroom residences.

Even though the final height of the Burj Binghatti has not been announced yet, we know that New York’s Central Park Tower- the structure currently has the title and is 472.4m high.

The tallest tower right now in Dubai is the Princess Tower, 393m tall.

Timepiece-inspired penthouses

During the event, Muhammed Binghatti said that the hypertower would have three different types of penthouses with names that pay tribute to the most amazing watches by Jacob & Co. The penthouses will be known as Astronomia, Fleurs Jardin, and Billionaire.

Also, the tower will have two-bedroom apartments called Sapphire Suite with a range of 2000 sq. ft. and three-bedroom apartments called Emerald Suite ranging from 3000 sq. ft.

The Billionaire Penthouse is the costliest unit and will contain two floors with various features and amenities, including a cinema room, gaming room, infinity pool, snooker lounge coffee bar, and more.

The Billionaire Penthouse will be the hypertower’s crown.


Starting a new era in luxury living, the building has one-of-a-kind designs co-designed by the well-known stylish watchmaking and jewelry brand Jacob & Co and leading Dubai-based developer Binghatti.

Muhammad Binghatti, CEO and Head of Architecture of Binghatti, quotes: “We took inspiration from the horological movements that are present in Jacob & Co timepieces, and we made them into the main elements of the tower. The diamond-shaped spires on the tower’s peak are replicas of an actual crown, an ornament of unique specialization inspired by the design of Jacob & Co’s well-cut gems. “

This is the apex of the luxury in its construction, a signature feature that adds to the grandeur of the city’s skyline.

The things Binghatti has done in real estate, by starting a brand through different design philosophies and architectural identity, are identical to what Jacob & Co has done in the sector of jewelry and horology.

The upscale residential tower has amenities like the infinity pool overseeing Dubai’s skyline, a gym, a luxury spa, concierge team offering services like bodyguards, a daycare, a private chef, a chauffeur, and more.

When one brings up the topic of the real estate market hurdles, Mohammed Binghatti would not be moved by the idea. He will not be distracted by any noise. He is ready to prepare the work to construct the tallest residential tower Burj Binghatti in the world. Forecasts say that the project’s development will take 3.5 to 4 years approximately.

Binghatti said, “We are not bothered by the market cycle. Luxury residences are in demand in Dubai. This desire will continue due to the government’s sensible, clear planning and legislative measures to enhance the economy. Long-term visas for real estate investors, golden visas, and many others are also present. UAE is often viewed as a professional hub.

The patterns show that there is a strong interest in the UAE from all around the world. This is because of the country’s strong security and safety and the economy’s growth potential and stability. This is enough to support the construction of Binghatti Jacob & Co Residences in a city with different structures holding world records.

There are many foreign investors in Dubai and UAE. There is a high demand for ready homes in the high-end variety. Binghatti is not providing much information about the tower's expected final height or the costs.

“Final decision about the height of Burj Binghatti can be expected in 1-3 months”, he said. “We have seen increased demand for luxury projects in Dubai’s market. Internal research that was conducted by Binghatti’s research and development team showed. Many of the clients were interested in seeing a product offered by us. This is a part of our long-term plan to strengthen our market position as a developer. It serves all the real estate market segments.

Burj Binghatti has more than 100 storeys and spacious apartment flats ranging from two to three bedrooms. It will be known as an architectural landmark. The residential units come in two collections: Sapphire, two-bedroom residences, and Emerald suites, three-bedroom residences.